Making New Habits Stick

 You want something different from this year? It took me years to work out that it was going to take more than declaring on Facebook that I was going to make a change for it to happen. I think there are 4 key steps to making changes, and I wanted to share a couple of
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Supermarkets: Move Faster! Amazon Is Taking Your Customers

Amazon is unleashing a range of products and services that will undermine the Big 4’s customer base… and Tesco is moving deck chairs around on the Titanic. The latest move is the announcement of a trial of physical store format AmazonGo – a convenience food that eliminates queuing and checkouts by recognising which items you
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The World Needs A Great Food App Part 2

Tesco and Sainsburys and Deliveroo and Just Eat have got it wrong. When it comes to choosing food within an app I don’t want “Only awesome food” or “little twists”. I want those things, but through the filter of recommendations – only show me what I am likely to like, and don’t show me the rest.
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Digital Disruption in Delhi – How India and China Are Soon To Lead The World In Digital Marketing

I was invited to provide a keynote at the Melt advertising event in Delhi. Here’s what I learned about the rise of e-commerce and digital marketing in India… India was a culture shock for me. I had no idea what to expect. I arrived late at night and went to a luxury hotel close to Delhi airport.
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Alexa, Siri Signal The Shift To Voice Computing

Voice computing is here. Exhibit 1: This Apple AirPods ad. It’s not about the 3.5mm jack, it’s about getting Siri attached to your head. Exhibit 2: The home page of Amazon.co.uk Amazon wants a baby Echo in every room so you can talk to Alexa all day every day. This is the moment computing became
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How FMCG Brands Can Quickly Adapt To Same-Day E-commerce Delivery

Amazon Prime’s one-hour delivery is now available in UK cities Greater London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol. Sainsbury’s is introducing same-day delivery trials. And Tesco.com now has 57% of it’s traffic coming from mobiles. FMCG brands have an opportunity to align their brands to instant gratification needs of consumers. Research online, purchase offline (ROPO) is a
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Cellular Agriculture: The Birth Of An Industry That’s Making The Food Of The Future

The questions come thick and fast from the 309 delegates: How will the public perceive ‘lab-grown’ food? When will we be able to feed the starving and the poor? What will cultured foods cost? When will they be as cheap as regular food? At San Francisco’s first Cellular Agriculture Conference, the one question that isn’t
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